Shade Sails for Driveways

Shade Sails for Driveways

Investing in a driveway shade sail is a simple way to add value to your home and protect your vehicle from the elements. Those who live in the Queensland, especially along our coastline, know that living in the Sunshine State goes hand-in-hand with riding Mother Nature’s waves. Our high humidity and hot temperatures mean that in the Summertime, we are often treated to the iconic afternoon storms that have made Queensland famous.

While the magic of Brisbane’s afternoon storms can be glorious to behold from behind the safety of your home’s glass, they can wreak havoc on unprotected vehicles. Between 1968 – 2005, hail was responsible for more than 1/3 of Australia’s natural hazard insurance losses. This is due to the both the ferocity and the speed at which hail storms can strike. Notoriously fast-moving, hail storms can often feel as though they appear without any legitimate warning, giving you little time to move your car to a safe place.

Protecting your driveway with a Sun Safe Shade Sail stops the last-minute scramble to get your car to a covered area and delivers you peace-of-mind that your vehicle will remain unscathed through the potential destruction of a Queensland hail storm.

Our shade sails are made with a unique weave that does a lot more than just protect your vehicle through a downpour of hail. Our purpose-designed shade sails also provide shade, block out harmful UV rays and protect your vehicle from other damaging external forces.

Fitting your driveway with a Sun Safe Shade Sail will protect your cars from the damaging impact of the sun’s rays. As all Queenslanders can tell you, too much time in the Aussie sun do more than just sap your energy. Peeling paint spots, faded vehicle interiors and melted interior glue can all be direct results from a car that has felt the full wrath of the Queensland sun. Our range of Sun Safe Shade Sails block out harmful UV rays and cloak your car in shade, drastically reducing the temperature and supporting its aesthetics to stay in top condition long into the future. The benefits of shade sails are ample, with their properties protecting against tumultuous weather conditions, harmful UV rays, high temperatures and the unpleasant evidence of animal activity.

When you live in a beautiful leafy suburb, it’s likely that you’ll have more neighbours than you bargained for. Due to their diets, birds and bats can have highly acidic droppings that can eat away at the clear protective coating of your car. Rather than spend sums on repairing this damage or risk your health by cleaning off these potentially diseased droppings, use a preventative method and install an affordable shade sail in your driveway or carport area. With a driveway or carport Sun Safe Shade Sail, you can enjoy hopping into a car that doesn’t feel like an oven on wheels and relax with the knowledge that your vehicles are protected at home.

If you’re considering a driveway shade sail for your home, contact our friendly team of professional installers today.

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