Rainbow Shade Z16

UVR-93% SHADE-77%
Sunset Red
UVR 98% SHADE 91%
UVR 90.5% SHADE 82.8%
UVR 92.7% SHADE 82.5%
Atomic Orange
UVR 95.1% SHADE 89.4%
UVR 93% SHADE 93%
UVR 94% SHADE 91%
UVR 91.7% SHADE 83.7%
Zesty Lime
UVR 93% SHADE 89%
Laguna Blue
UVR 98% SHADE 91%
UVR 97% SHADE 89%
Desert Sand
UVR 94.4% SHADE 91.5%
UVR Block: 95% Shade: 94%
UVR 96% SHADE 96%
UVR 99% SHADE 97%
UVR 94.7% SHADE 79.4%
Sunflower Yellow
UVR 83.3% SHADE 62.4%
Ice White
UVR 92% SHADE 84%
UVR 87% SHADE 84%
UVR 97% SHADE 93%
UVR 88% SHADE 87%
Rust Gold
UVR 95% SHADE 88%
Royal Blue
UVR Block: 96.7% Shade: 92.2%
Red Earth
UVR Block: 93.8% Shade: 90.6%

Rainbow Shade Z16

Sun Safe Shade Sails used Rainbow Shade Z16 as a standard for each of our shade sail installations in Brisbane. As passionate experts in the shade sail industry, we have chosen to partner with Rainbow Shade Z16 due to its continual success rate in terms of longevity, durability, affordability, high UVR protection, colour variety and overall customer satisfaction rate.
Together Sun Safe Shade Sails and Rainbow Shade Z16 can offer Brisbane a premium quality shade sail solution without the exuberant price tag.


Rainbow Shade Z16 features:

  • High UVR protection ranging from 83.3%-99%
  • High tensile strength
  • Fire rated fabric AS-1530.3
  • Premium reduction in heat and glare
  • Safer filtered light transmission
  • Unique construction and excellent cover factor
  • 10-year warranty on UV breakdown


Not only does Rainbow Shade Z16 offer the above integral benefits, additionally, Rainbow Shade has a generous range of shade sail colours. With everything from cool Ice White to statement Zesty Lime, Rainbow Shade Z16 matches structural integrity with style – so you can have a Sun Safe Shade Sail that both looks great and will keep you safe from the sun for years to come. See all the colours of the Rainbow Shade Z16 below:


If you are thinking about adding some colour to your life with a Rainbow Shade Sun Safe Shade Sail, contact our team today. We are proud to support Brisbane, Logan, Redlands, Ipswich and Gold Coast with our affordable, durable and beautiful shade sail solutions.

24 Designer Colours

Excellent UV-R Protection (up to 99%)

High Tensile Strength

Unique Construction with Excellent Cover Factor

Light Weight (Only 200 GSM)

Safe Filtered Light Transmission

Proven Durability & Longevity

10 Year Limited Warranty

Contact Sun Safe Shade Sails today for an obligation free quote.