Rainbow Shade E32

UVR BLOCK 92.7% SHADE 92.7%
UVR BLOCK 91.5% SHADE 91.2%
UVR BLOCK 91.7% SHADE 86.1%
Royal Blue
UVR BLOCK 93.1% SHADE 90.7%
UVR BLOCK 92.4% SHADE 91.2%
Desert Sand
UVR BLOCK 95.3% SHADE 94.7%
UVR BLOCK 95.7% SHADE 95.3%
UVR 91% SHADE 84.5%
Zesty Lime
UVR 91.9% SHADE 88.4%
Electric Purple
UVR 89.5% SHADE 78.4%
UVR 93% SHADE 83.7%
Sunset Red
UVR 91.4% SHADE 89.4%
UVR 93.7% SHADE 91.2%

Rainbow Shade E32

Rainbow Shade Extreme 32 is a heavy-duty shade sail fabric. This style is the preferred choice for larger size projects that require an extra layer of strength and durability, such as unique architectural shade structures or custom commercial work.


Benefits of the Rainbow Shade Extreme 32 are:

  • Extreme strength – perfect for larger spans
  • Highly resistant to tearing
  • High longevity and durability
  • Fire tested AS 1530.3
  • Excellent heat and glare reduction
  • Great UVR protection (Up to 95.8%)
  • Easy maintenance and care


We offer a range of colour varietals for our Rainbow Shade Extreme 32 shade sail solutions. We cover everything from the neutral to the bold and our professional installers are more than happy to bring swatches onsite with them, so you can view them in-person.


When you need a shade sail solution that marries strong and beautiful – think only of Rainbow Shade Extreme 32. Reach out to our fully licensed team of installers today to discuss how a Sun Safe Shade Sail can enhance your residential or commercial space. We are proud to deliver our premium and affordable shade sail solutions to Brisbane, Logan, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Redlands and beyond.

Easy Care Maintenance

Excellent UVR Protection (up to 95.8%)

Fire Rated Fabric AS 1530.3

Exceptional Strength

320 GSM Fabric Weight

Extreme Tear Resistance

Proven Durability & Longevity

Resilient Dimensional Stability

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