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Plants & Shade Sails

One of our most frequently asked questions is whether erecting a Sun Safe Shade Sail will come at the cost of your plants. To answer this question, we thought that a visual representation would be the most effective.

These plants were planted at the same time, were the same size at planting, from the same nursery and embedded in the same garden bed. As you can see, the plants on the left are directly under the shade sail and are lush and thriving. The plants on the right are significantly smaller than those on the left and have experienced far less growth.

Especially in SE Queensland, our UV rays are potent. Shade sails are an effective way of filtering the light to enable the growth of plants that usually require a tree canopy (which is not always practical to have in the suburbs). Beyond being expensive to purchase and taking years to grow, large trees can also drop branches and leaves into your pool and their root systems can be damaging to underground services. Enhancing your home with a shade sail is a fantastic way to reap the benefits of having a tree canopy without actually having to grow a huge number of large trees in your backyard. Sun Safe Shade Sails are a fantastic way to promote growth in your garden – creating a serene home environment, purifying the air and positively contributing to your backyard’s ecosystem.

If you’re considering taking your garden to the next level through the addition of a Sun Safe Shade Sail, contact our friendly team for an obligation-free quote today. We’d love to hear from you.

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