Why do Shade Sails have curves?

Shade Sails requires curves to maintain proper tension. This prevents creases and loose shade sails flapping in the wind.

Having a correctly tensioned shade sails prevents flexing in the wind.

What sort of sun protection do Shade Sails provide?

The product we use is Rainbow shade it comes with a 10 year warranty on the shade cloth.

Rainbow Shade provides safer filtered light transmission with a UVR rating from 83.3%-99% depending on colour choice.

Darker colours provide more shade and a higher UV factor.

Are Shade Sails Waterproof?

You can get waterproof shade sails. Sun Safe Shade Sails use a product made by Rainbow Shade known as DRI-z.  Dri-z has a clear polyethylene waterproof coating fused to shade cloth.

Shade Sails are not waterproof; however, they do diffuse the rain so it is not as heavy.  Water will run off to the low point and the rain will be more of a sprinkle then a heavy downpour.

Do Shade sails come in many colours?

Shade sails come in a range of colours, ranging from bold and bright to the more classic contemporary colours.  New colours are always being added.

All Sun Safe Shade sails are custom made, our installer is more than happy to show you the different colour swatches on site so that you can select the perfect colour for your situation.

Will Shade Sails kill my plants?

On the contrary Shade Sails provide excellent Shade for gardens and many plants thrive under the filtered light Shade Sails provide.

Why are shade sail posts on an angle?

The posts are installed with a lean. This is intentional, the Shade Sail pulls on the posts due to the tension of the fabric, the lean of the posts helps stretch the fabric and prevents the Sail from flapping in the wind.

What sort of fittings are used?

We use stainless steel turnbuckles and shackles for all our Shade Sails.  Our posts are standard galvanised and can be powder coated in a range of colours.

What areas do you service?

Sun Safe Shade Sails services  Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich and Bayside.  Contact our team for a quote today. All our quotes are obligation free.

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